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Farmrexx livestock management software has everything you need to record and manage your livestock.

Farmrexx livestock management software allows you to record farm animals either by herd or individual animals. Our software is completely customisable to suit your requirements and there are no limits on the number of records that you can add.

Records that can be added include custom Procedures such as drenching, shearing, hoof trimming, vaccinating, etc, Husbandry, Livestock Sales and Purchases, Breeding, Milking and Animal Weights. Different types of farmed animals can be added as well as different breeds.

Individual animals can have details recorded such as, parentage (sire and dam), conception type (natural or artificial insemination), date of birth, birth weight, weaning weight and identification tag details. If the animal was purchased, the date of purchase and purchase price can be added. The ability to add an image of your livestock is a notable feature.

Access your livestock records wherever you are.

Access to your farm animals records whether you are in the office, on the farm, at home or away on holidays is important, which is why we have developed software so that it is viewable on any device with an internet connection.

Farmrexx livestock management software is so flexible, any farm animal can be recorded and managed.

No matter what animal you farm, it can be managed using Farmrexx. Whether you breed horses, cattle, alpacas, llamas, rabbits. goats, sheep, pigs or poultry such as chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, pigeons or quails, Farmrexx is the software for your enterprise.

alpaca management software

Alpaca management software

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Poultry management software

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Horse management software

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Pig management software

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Rabbit management software