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This is the main entry page of your farm recording software.

To keep our online farming software app as simple to use as possible, we only use a few buttons for doing different things on the site.

Add a new record or entry

Gives you a preview of a page before printing

Save records as a csv file

Prints the current page

Cancels printing and returns to the previous page

Saves the new record

Goes back to the previous page

Saves any changes to an existing record

Deletes an existing record

Wherever you see the help button help button, you can click on it for more information relating to entering or editing records.

Maintenance & Repairs

A great feature of our online software is it's ability to allow you to record the maintenance and repairs to not only your farm vehicles but also equipment such as hay balers, combines, slashers, four wheelers, motorbikes, water pumps, etc.

There are a number of ways to enter new Maintenance & Repairs records. The easiest way is to first add your Equipment Brands and Equipment Types by clicking on the appropriate link, typing in the relevant information and clicking on "Save New". Before we record any Maintenance & Repairs, we must also add the equipment that we are going to carry out any Maintenance & Repairs to. Refer to Equipment Inventory below to see how to do this.

To record a new Maintenance or Repair job, click on the "Equipment Maintenance" link, then the "Maintenance & Repairs" link and click "Add New". By clicking in the "Equipment brand & model" cell, a drop down list of previously entered equipment will appear. Enter all relevant information and click "Save New". "Job entered by" is automatically populated with your user-name on saving the new record.

At any time, you are able to view, modify or delete your records by clicking on the "Maintenance & Repairs" link, and from the table view, click on the relevant record.

farm equipment maintenance repairs recording software

Equipment Inventory

Recording your farm equipment information has never been easier. By clicking on "Equipment Maintenance" link and then the "Equipment Inventory" link, you are able to record information such as equipment brand, type, model, service information for oils and filters and also add a photo if you wish.

If are adding new equipment that you haven't added a type or brand for, then you are able to do so without leaving this window and clicking on the green squares with a plus sign in them which will open a new window where new brand or types can be added.

When new equipment has been added into the system, you will notice that when you open the window for that equipment, there will be a link on the right named "Maintenance & Repairs". By clicking on this button, you will be taken to a page that shows all of the Maintenance & Repairs that have been carried out on this particular piece of equipment.

farm equipment inventory

Equipment Types

Equipment types is where you are able to add new, modify or delete different types of equipment such as tractors, 2wd or 4wd tractors, hay balers, combines, fertilizer spreaders, motorbikes, etc.

farm equipment brands types

Equipment Brands

Equipment Brands is where you can add new, modify or delete different brands of equipment such as Massey Ferguson, Case IH, Claas, New Holland, Deutz-Fahr, John Deere, etc.

Open Tasks

Clicking on this link opens a window showing tasks (to-do lists) that have not been completed and are shown with tasks marked as urgent at the top of the list.

This is also where new tasks are entered. To add a new task, click on the "Add New" button. Give the task a meaningful name and tick the urgent box if the job is urgent. Enter the date and task details. The "assigned to" drop-down names are picked up from the "Employees" page but you can also add another employee by clicking on the green box with the plus button which will open a new window where you can add or alter employee details.

When the person assigned the task has either started or completed it, they can add their own details of the job in the task notes.

farm equipment brands types

Livestock Count

Clicking on "Livestock Count" allows you to make a record of how many animals you have at any one time.

record number of livestock, sheep, cattle, pigs, etc that you have on your farm or ranch

Livestock Sales

Livestock Sales allows you to record animals sold, sold date, sold, price and the buyer. Additional notes about the sale can also be entered.

record livestock sales

Livestock Husbandry

Livestock husbandry is where practises such as drenching, shearing, hoof trimming, vaccination, etc, are recorded.

record procedures on stock

Livestock Procedures

A list of procedures that can be carried out on your livestock such as oral drenching, vaccination, back lining, hoof trimming, docking, castration, etc.

Livestock Species

A list of livestock species such as cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, goats, etc.

Livestock Breeds

A list of livestock breeds such as Angus, Galloway, Brown Swiss, Dorper, Merino, etc.

Livestock Groups

Livestock Groups is any herd or flock of animals that can be grouped together for management purposes, for example 2015 drop (born) lambs, 2014 wethers, bulls, cows, etc.

Livestock Sex

Livestock sex or gender is where different sexes are recorded, for example, bull, cow, ram, ewe, buck, doe, etc.

Paddock Activities

Paddock Activities is where you can record operations, activities or any work carried out on your land such as weed spraying, slashing, harvesting, etc.

paddock or field activities records


A list of your of your parcels of land.

Paddock Activity Types

Paddock Activity Types is where different types of work can be listed, for example, weed spraying, slashing, sowing, windrowing, seeding, hay baling, harvesting, etc.

Paddock Uses

A list of paddock uses such as cropping or pasture.

Crop Types

Used to store your list of crop types such as canola, maize (corn), oats, lucerne, sugarcane, pumpkin, wheat, rice, cassava, soybeans, hay, potatoes and cotton, etc.

Crop Varieties

Used to store your list of crop types such as Bonito, Boomer, Monsanto, Quoll, Wombat, Aurora, Hunterfield, etc.

Chemical Locker

Chemical Locker is a record of what you have in your chemical store. Here you are able to record the batch number, purchase and expiry dates, quantity and dose.

farm chemicals storage records


Used to add a list of chemicals that you use on the farm. Chemical name, container size and withholding period can be recorded.

Weather Records

Weather Records allows you to record your farms daily temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit and the rainfall in millimetres or inches.

weather records for your farm

Note Pad

A simple electronic notepad where you can record your thoughts or ideas.


A list of your employees where information like employees name, phone numbers, address and notes can be added.