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Farmrexx cattle management and record keeping software.

One of the most important factors to consider when operating a cattle farm, whether it be dairy cattle or cattle bred for meat production, is accurate record keeping.

Farmrexx gives you the ability to manage your cattle either individually or on a herd basis.

Individual bull and cows can be recorded as well as their identification details. Joining, pregnancy scanning, birth weights and dates pf calves, calf weaning date and weight, cattle management husbandry and treatments such as back lining, drenching for internal parasites, vaccinations, milking times for dairy cattle, dates and quantities, can all be easily entered.

Farmrexx is so flexible that you can add any type of procedure or treatment into the software.

Sales and purchases of cattle are able to be quickly recorded.

Access to your cattle records wherever you are and whenever you need them.

Farmrexx makes it easy and inexpensive to manage your cattle efficiently.

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