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Livestock and Farm Management Software


FarmRexx is an online agricultural farming record keeping that can be used anywhere that you have internet access. With so many features included, you will be wondering why you haven't signed up before.

Some of the included features are:

Farm equipment records

Farm equipment (tractors, headers, combines, motor bikes, quad bikes, four wheelers, slashing equipment, sowing equipment, etc) specifications such as oil types and capacities, oil, hydraulic and air filters, service schedules can be recorded along with purchase price and date. Service operations and repairs can be recorded as well as additional notes.

Livestock record keeping

All of your livestock procedures, husbandry and operations, livestock herd numbers, livestock groups (cattle herds, sheep flocks, goat herds, alpaca herds, etc) can be recorded with minimal effort.

Records of livestock purchases and sales with buyer or seller, date of purchase or sale and price per head can also be added.

Individual or stud animals record keeping

Individual animals records such as name, date of birth, animal identification (ear tag numbers and colours), weights, parentage, progeny (offspring), breeding records, individual husbandry as well as milking.

Records of individual animal purchases and sales, date of purchase or sale and price per animal can also be added.

Email notifications

Receive email reminders seven days before husbandry procedures or treatments are due.

Record livestock movements

Managing movements of livestock has never been easier. The time that your livestock are in a particular paddock or field can be documented and the software will calculate the number of days that they are in the paddock or field.

Paddock and field operations and crops

Operations that you carry out in your paddocks or fields can be noted such as what the paddock or field is used for, soil type and planting history. Crop types and varieties can be recorded.

A detailed record can be added for crop planting, date, fertiliser application rate and method, planned yield and actual crop yield, etc.

Spraying log

A spraying diary of paddock spraying activities can be kept. Details able to be recorded include: size of area treated, crop situation, weeds or pests treated, operators name and contact details, date and time started and completed, chemicals and equipment used, nozzle details and pressure, ground speed, wind speed and direction as well as temperature and humidity.

Farm chemicals

Any chemical that you use on the farm should always be recorded along with the purchase date, expiry date, withholding period, etc. FarmRexx Chemical Locker is used for this purpose.

Simple tasks manager

The task manager is a very simple to-do list. Here jobs can be allocated to employees and if needed marked as urgent. Notes can be added by the employee as required and marked as completed. When a new task is added, an email is sent to the person that the task has been assigned to alerting them to the fact that a new task requires their attention.


A detailed list of your important contacts can be managed. These can be suppliers, customers or personal contacts. Name, company, phone numbers and address, as well as email address can be added.


A list of your favourite websites can be added along with notes about the website.

Weather records

Daily rainfall and temperatures can be entered in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Security and reliability

The security of our users is very important to us. We use Secure Socket Layer Technology encryption of all sensitive information.

We use the latest security software to ensure that you data is safe and secure

We routinely backup all data to safeguard against loss and speed up data recovery in the unlikely event of a problem.