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Maintenance and Repairs

A great feature of our online software is it's ability to allow you to record the maintenance and repairs to not only your farm vehicles but also equipment such as hay balers, combines, slashers, four wheelers, motorbikes, water pumps, etc.

There are a number of ways to enter new Maintenance & Repairs records. The easiest way is to first add your Equipment Brands and Equipment Types by clicking on the appropriate link, typing in the relevant information and clicking on "Save New". Before we record any Maintenance & Repairs, we must also add the equipment that we are going to carry out any Maintenance & Repairs to. Refer to Equipment Inventory below to see how to do this.

To record a new Maintenance or Repair job, click on the "Equipment Maintenance" link, then the "Maintenance & Repairs" link and click "Add New". By clicking in the "Equipment brand & model" cell, a drop down list of previously entered equipment will appear. Enter all relevant information and click "Save New". "Job entered by" is automatically populated with your user-name on saving the new record.

At any time, you are able to view, modify or delete your records by clicking on the "Maintenance & Repairs" link, and from the table view, click on the relevant record.

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