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What is farm management software and why use it?

Farm management software, sometimes referred to as livestock management software is a software system for recording farm activities.

What does farm management software need to be a useful tool? The ability to:

  • Enter livestock details namely, species and breed, gender, identification details such as ear tag colour and number, progeny and ideally be able to display a photo of the animal.
  • Livestock husbandry procedures and treatments.
  • Joining (mating) and birthing details of animals.
  • Record weights.
  • Ability to record milking.
  • Pregnancy scanning.
  • Ability to notify you either by email or text when treatments are required on your livestock.

For the farmer who grows crops, paddock and field activities, for example, cropping and spraying would need to be recorded.

If chemicals such as oral drenches or weed chemicals are used on the farm, then there should be a way of recording the chemicals that you have and any other relevant information such as the expiry date.

A way of recording farm equipment inventory, maintenance and service history would be ideal.

Why use online farm management software?
Let's face it. The old pen and paper have been around for hundreds of years and there are other options like using Google or Excel spreadsheets. The problem here with both of these methods is that they don't help you to make informed decisions. Being able to access your farm records remotely is a very important consideration.

Fortunately, Farmrexx can do all of the above and much more.